Bienvenido al Museo Flamenco Pop

The Flamenco Pop Museum is a tribute to the incalculable number of gypsy artists who created what we call New Flamenco. The word “Pop” refers to “Popular”, to the fact that it is from the people and flamenco pop that drinks from other music such as Rock or Blues, Soul and even Urban Rhythms or Reggaeton.

The media and institutions try to show that the Gypsy People have not been the creators or innovators of flamenco, but Cathy Claret knows the truth.

In addition to creating his own fusion, he has coincided in his path with Manzanita, Camarón, or Parrita. He has collaborated with geniuses such as Pata Negra, Lin Cortés, Aurora Losada or Sorderita. He has fought for the memory of the true identity of our music: the culture of the persecuted peoples is a testimony that should not be erased from history.

Now, from this museum, he brings us closer to the names and sounds that have renewed flamenco without losing the Jondo purity of the experiences and the Quejíos. If this art is a temple, we gypsies are the foundations that maintain it.

                                                                Noelia Cortés

The Flamenco is the music of the gypsy soul. Since the beginning of time, the compass of our music has accompanied us on the road.

It is a universal language that connects us with our ancestors and transports us to a new future. Our museum offers a contemporary look at flamenco, more than the past our interest is focused on the present and the future of our music.

Flamenco is the deepest manifestation of the gypsies, and since our culture is flexible, fluid, it adapts to time and moment and reinvents itself permanently.

It is that, precisely this permanent metamorphosis that captures our fascination for flamenco and for flamencos. Gypsies and gypsy singer-songwriters who, collecting the purest essences of gypsy art, reinvent melodies, rhythms and compasses to create new musical forms that exude art and magic.

These artists are in the collective memory of gypsies and gypsies and now a piece of their work and their personality are in our Flamenco Pop Museum.

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