Welcome to Museo de Flamenco Pop

Who are we?

This virtual museum is a personal project of Cathy Claret, international composer, musician and singer.

Her personal and musical career has made her a great connoisseur and admirer of flamenco. In fact, her musical productions and her compositions are closely linked to the world of gypsies and her flamenco soul.

With that look at the ancestral roots of flamenco and on a horizon of a rabid present, Cathy Claret offers us a selection of flamenco artists who have transformed, with her art and her music, the rancid stereotypes about flamenco and flamenco.

Flamenco lives in gypsy hearts and moves, transforms and flows to the rhythm of the times. This museum is the sample of a throbbing, current, magical flamenco in which we discover the magic and the gypsy temperament in each of its chords.

Flamenco is the music of the gypsy soul. Since the beginning of time, the compass of our music has accompanied us on the road.

It is a universal language that connects us with our ancestors and transports us to a new future. Our museum offers a contemporary look at flamenco, more than the past our interest is focused on the present and the future of our music.

Flamenco is the deepest manifestation of the gypsies, and since our culture is flexible, fluid, it adapts to time and moment and reinvents itself permanently.

It is precisely this permanent metamorphosis that captures our fascination for flamenco and for flamencos. Gypsies and gypsy singer-songwriters who, collecting the purest essences of gypsy art, reinvent melodies, rhythms and compasses to create new musical forms that exude art and magic.

These artists are in the collective memory of gypsies and gypsies and now a piece of their work and their personality are in our Flamenco Pop Museum.

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