Parrita The King of the Flamenco Ballad Parrita crosses the border of flamenco to immerse himself in ballads and romantic music, covering classic themes to which he brings his gypsy soul, his

El Rey de la Balada Flamenca Parrita traspasa la frontera del flamenco para sumergirse en las baladas y en la música romántica versionando temas clásicos a los que aporta su alma gitana, su

Ray Heredia The gypsy prince his extravagant style and the genius of his compositions make him an essential reference in gypsy music. RAY HEREDIA was one of the most talented composers in Spai

Las Chuches FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD TO THE STARS Las Chuches are in music the spirit of self-improvement of the gypsies. The freshness of their rhythms and their talent took them from the neighb

Los Chichos The kings of the flamenco rumba. Los Chichos represent gypsyism (Romanipen), and its values such as freedom, honor, the experiences of the marginal life of the ghettos embodied in

Lole y Manuel The musical beauty of flamenco poetry and philosophy. This couple of flamenco poets bring with their work a revolutionary change in flamenco. Lole and Manuel were married and a m

Manzanita The Gypsy poet This gypsy from Madrid takes from his deep flamenco roots the sensitivity and mastery of compás and from his encounter with poetry, “They told me that he was the fi

Flamenco pop, a Romani musical genre.




Without flamenco pop, Spanish music wouldn't make sense.