Las Chuches


Las Chuches are in music the spirit of self-improvement of the gypsies. The freshness of their rhythms and their talent took them from the neighborhood to the stars.

Como Ronea, her first success is a key work to understand the strength and talent of three gypsy girls who have become an icon of flamenco pop in their own right.

Her first album Las Chuches (2004) had a social and cultural impact of the first order. She had an almost immediate success, since her story moved everyone who could hear one of her original songs.



The history of Las Chuches is not written every day. It is the story of three 13-year-old gypsies girls from Cordoba (in 2004) with a life that has not been exactly easy and who suddenly, due to a host of circumstances, find themselves with the greatest illusion: to sing for the people and record an album. Your great gift. This is the story of Sara, Marina and Melody.

In the South Sector of Córdoba, the Asociación de Educadores Encuentro en la Calle helps needy people who live in some peripheral neighborhoods: Las Palmeras, Moreras, Torremolinos, P. Guadalquivir… To the compass of dreams is the name of a flamenco workshop organized by this association to develop in the youngest what has been in their blood since they were born: flamenco. And in To the compass of dreams -premonitory name?- Sara, Marina and Melody met.

Coordinated by Pichuqui and with Miguel Moreno Maya (brother of singer El Pele) as teacher, the workshop brought together 15 girls hoping to be artists, to earn some money to help their parents and improve their living conditions. With the help of the City Council of Córdoba and the Junta de Andalucía, they all recorded an album together. Among them, Sara, Marina and Melody were the youngest and had a special grace when they sang.

Juan Fernández Panky (former Cherokee guitarist) and Cesáreo Moreno Güito listened to the three girls and became producers: songs, demo, trip to Madrid, meeting with José Losada (the album’s third producer) and onward. Sara, Marina and Melody were already Las Chuches and present their first album Las Chuches (2004), with the song Como ronea as the first single.

He himself was successful almost immediately, since his story moved almost everyone who could hear one of his original songs.

From that moment they began to tour all over Spain, with the firm hope of being able to raise enough money to help both their parents and their native neighborhood. After participating in many television shows, as well as radio and festivals, they were able to rest a bit towards the end of 2006 and then enter the studios again.

His second album was titled “Qué Paranoia” and was released with great sales throughout Spain in 2007. His first success, “Como Ronea”, was the letter of introduction back in 2004 of a group of Cordobans, Sara, Marina and Melody, ready to eat the world.